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Claim Rules For Club Members!



1.  It is the club members responsibility to follow the mining regulations for the state you are working in.  This includes any permits and regulations that are required to have on hand.


2.  This is your claim, so use it like you owned it.  If you see someone using the claim that you don’t recognize, challenge them and ask to see their membership card.  If none, ask them politely to leave.  Worst case contacting a sheriff will handle the situation.


3.  When using a NAMA claim be sure to leave it as clean if not cleaner than when you arrived.  Haul out all your garbage.


4.   Please adhere to all the Forestry Fire Regulations.  If unsure, drop in to your closest Forest Service office.


5.   Camping on club claims is limited to a two week stay.


6.  Use of self contained sewage and gray water is acceptable and must not be dumped on club claims.  Haul your waste water to approved dump stations.


7.  Use of the claims is at your risk only.  The club is not responsible for any injuries, law suits, fines that may incur while using the club properties.


8.  Fill in any holes you have created either in the water or dry land.


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